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Let’s do it, together Compute the tax due your property

By: Veronica S. Generoso

Don’t you know that the taxes you paid return to you in thousand folds?  Comparing Agusan del Sur twenty (20) years ago and today, can you name the difference? Your answer and mine is similar. A very big difference.  These developments  are where your taxes go. Religious paying of taxes ensures development and progress and hassle-free living of the Agusanon.  BUT non-payment of it is tantamount to living in the jungle where one can’t see the blinking lights at night and the road going to civilization.

Marathon public hearings were done in all thirteen municipalities and one city from April 12, 2011 to May 11, 2011 with the Provincial Assessor and his Assistant Provincial Assessor doing the information campaign.

Everybody is talking about the saying that taxes are the lifeblood of our country but nobody talks on how it was arrived at except those limited people in the Municipal Assessor and Municipal Treasurer .

For the Agusanon to know the computation of their taxes, let us learn together and do it ourselves.  Computations are shown below, basing as an example the prepared assessment level on lands and its base market value, for the Municipality of Trento:

Assessment Level on Lands:
                                        RA 7160   2006GR   2011GR
•    Residential    20%        17%      5%
•    Agricultural    40%        35%      20%
•    Commercial   50%        45%      12%
•    Industrial      50%        45%      12%
•    Mineral         50%         45%     40%
•    Timberland    20%        15%      10%

Schedule of Base Market Value for Agricultural Lands:







Rice land













Riceland with irrigation




















 Sample Computation for Agricultural Lands

Sample Computation for agricultural (Rice w/ Irrig.-1st c lass):

Land Area = 1.0 hectares
Market Value (MV) = Land Area x  MV
                                 = 1.0 x P191,660/hectare
           MV     =  P 191,660

Assessed Value (AV) = MV x Assessment level
                                    = P191,660 x 20%
                   AV  = P 38,332 (P38,330)

Tax due       (TD)        = AV x 2%
                                     = P 38,330 x 2%
                               TD = P 766.60
(The same computation will follow in all real properties.)

Get involve, participate and be active.  See your money’s worth.

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